eBusiness portal > My Ericsson
The eBusiness Portal has undergone a transformation and become our new extranet, My Ericsson.
To enhance the user experience, we have tied My Ericsson together with our regular web site,
www.ericsson.com. From now on you will also log on to My Ericsson from there.

Welcome onboard - we hope you will enjoy My Ericsson!
A few easy steps and you are there:

1) Enter www.ericsson.com in your web browser, or click the link.

2) In the top right corner of ericsson.com site, click 'Sign in'.
You will be redirected to a MicrosoftOnline logon page.

3) Enter the email address you use for eBusiness Portal and click 'Next'. You will be redirected to My Ericsson logon page.

4) Enter your ordinary password for eBusiness Portal and click Sign in'.

Once logged in, you will find your tools by clicking the app launcher icon, and you can toggle between www.ericsson.com and My Ericsson using the chevron.